An ode to She

by sales adheera on Jun 26, 2022

An ode to She

She has a smile and a light in her eyes that energizes and inspires,

She is a modern day traveler who embraces the contemporary yet keeps her history

She finds peace and beauty in imperfections and impermanent things 

She's graciously fighting the media and society every single day about her skin color and being reminded of her gender being physically and emotionally 'weaker' than the opposite gender

She is extremely confident, bold and comfortable in her own skin

She's here to set a trend by unfollowing a trend.


Seen here is Roselynn, from Adheera's Spring Summer 2017 campaign. 'Do Baari' summer essentials is a continuation of our game of dyeing using Arashi and Nui techniques of Shibori on the canvas resulting bold prints in effortless everyday wear in context with our "An ode to She' campaign with Roselynn.


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