Adheera x Eklavya

by sales adheera on Jun 10, 2022

Adheera x Eklavya

Mir, a central Asiatic nomadic community is part of the cultural mosaic of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Sindh and Punjab. Roaming across the fringes of Thar and Kutch deserts they work as musicians, entertainers, bards and family genealogists for various pastoral communities in the region. 

The women of this community have been handcrafting beadwork accessories. They wear colorful clothes and are covered with metal and beaded ornaments.

With changing times it is fast losing its cultural identity and economic sustenance from traditional lifestyle. Living in abject poverty, eking out as unskilled agricultural and casual labor or begging Mir's today have little development opportunities for education, housing and healthcare. 

Eklavya foundation works with the women of this community and provide training to young girls and women to create bead accessories.                           

We, at Adheera, have initiated a creative collaboration with the very skilled Mir women of Dasada to create contemporary bead work designs that will not only be aesthetically beautiful but will also expand rural market base by introducing these products it into urban fashion markets. 

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